Krav Maga – Gun Defense

  Krav Maga is a highly modern and extremely effective system of self-defense and close combat. One principle of Krav Maga is training a person’s natural reflexes in a way that they can be applied effectively in dangerous situations of any kind. For example, when you are threatened with a GUN! © KAMERA & SCHNITT Thomas Suchanek © MUSIK RoyaltyfreeMusic12 – “Raw Rock” TeknoAxe – … Continue reading Krav Maga – Gun Defense

P.A.C. – Krav Maga

  Welcome to the Peak Athletic Center! This time chief instructor Stefan Wolfrum teaches his students how to handle dangerous situations with KRAV MAGA. A system based on natural reflexes and therefore one of the most effective and easiest systems to learn in the world. © KAMERA & SCHNITT Thomas Suchanek © MUSIK Jordan Rees – “Reactor Core” Silent Partner – “Cut it” Continue reading P.A.C. – Krav Maga